Plantar Fasciitis or Jogger’s Heel. How to Get Rid of The Pain in The Heel

Plantar Fasciitis or Jogger’s Heel. How to Get Rid of The Pain in The Heel

“Plantar fasciitis” or “jogger’s heel “, intolerable pain in the heel, is a rather widespread problem. Here we will try to explain what plantar fasciitis really is.

Plantar fasciitis (jogger’s heel) or Calcar calcaneal, is a structural break down of the heel bone.It is considered that this reactive formation of the bone appears due to a chronic and mechanical overload, and due to an irritation that happened while walking which caused pain.

Plantar fasciitis is a common condition for people who stand a lot in their professions and for older people. When you are suffering from this condition you feel a severe pain in the middle of the heel. This pain doesn’t allow you to move your heel a lot.

These painful symptoms occur as soon as you take the first steps after sitting too long or after sleeping. The painful symptoms appear in the heel or in its inner surface.

According to the people suffering from it, this pain can be unbearable. They compare it to hammering nails right on the heel.

Traditional methods of the treatment are considered to be as effective as any other cream purchased at the pharmacy..

There are many recipes that can be used in the treatment of this condition. However these have proven to be the most effective ones.

1. For this treatment all you need to do is hit the heel on the floor slowly several times a day. This way you are increasing the circulation of the calcium,you are improving the metabolism and you are preventing the deposit of salt.
2. Potato coatings can help you relieve the strong pain. The important thing is to wash the potatoes and grate them, together, with the peel.
As soon as the mixture is ready, put it on a gauze and fasten it on the painful place. Wrap your feet with a nylon bag and put your socks on. Change the covering on a daily basis. Repeat the procedure every day for 7 to 8 days.

3. Salt and honey coatings. Take same amounts of salt and honey and mix them together. Put them on the painful areas. Now take a piece of gauze and put it above, then stick it with a plaster and wrap it with a nylon bag. Put on your socks and go to bed.
You need to repeat this procedure every night before going to bed. After the third treatment the pain will decrease, and after the fifth the pain will be gone. However you must repeat the procedure for 10 days.

4. A medicinal tincture with aspirin
For this treatment you will need 10 tablets of aspirin (200 mg).Chopped them up in powder and pour the min 250 ml of alcohol (or 70% medical alcohol). Let it stay like that for 1-2 days.

Shake the tincture before using it and dip a piece of folded gauze in it. Take this coating and put it on your heel. Wrap your leg with a nylon bag and put on your socks. Leave it to stay like that over the night. In the morning, wash your leg with water, wipe them and apply a greasy cream for feet.

After only 10 treatments your feet and heels will be cleaned from the rough skin and the deposits. Also you can clean or brush your feet with pumice stone, and then apply cream.

This procedure will be also effective if you are having cracks, blisters or bunions and hard deposits on your feet.

According to some people with this tincture can be treated varicose veins. As soon as you massage them, the pain will disappears immediately.

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