Lose 9 Pounds in only 3 days with Yogurt Diet

Lose 9 Pounds in only 3 days with Yogurt Diet
You can forget about hunger, tiredness and exhaustion by filling yourself with energy with the help of this diet. It is a fast yogurt diet which is not only healthy, but also improves the digestion. You can achieve more than great results in only three days.

First day

Breakfast: Low fat yogurt with any flakes you like

Lunch: Cooked vegetables with rice and olive oil. Add herbs as much as you want and eat a fruit yogurt for desert.

Dinner: Make a salad with one carrot, apple and 50 grams of ham and fry all it all with olive oil and after you finish with the frying add a low fat yogurt

 Second day

Breakfast: Cucumber salad with probiotics yogurt

Lunch: Fry turkey meat in olive oil and then add a pepper, a tomato and finely chopped mushrooms. When it cools off, add one yogurt to the meal

Dinner: Make yourself a meal from low fat yogurt and cut forest fruits

Third day:

Breakfast: Add one grated apple, little amount of cheese, little cinnamon in a yogurt, and salt it as much as you want

Lunch: Bake 150 grams of hake fillet and then add cucumber salad and yogurt with little mustard

Dinner: Add one egg and finely chopped pepper in 100 grams of pasta and mix it with low fat yogurt

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