The Amazing Properties of Baking Soda: 8 Stunning Recipes on How to use Baking Soda


Sodium bicarbonate is probably one of the cheapest medicines in the world. It is effective in fighting almost every disease, from cold to cancer, and it can be used for oral hygiene and as deodorant as well. If there is some medicine that you should have in your home pharmacy it is sodium bicarbonate. However, a lot of people still mix up sodium bicarbonate with baking powder, which contains aluminum.

Natrium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), which, most often, is called sodium bicarbonate, is a natural substance which regulates the pH in the human body as a counterbalance of piling up of acids, which is a crucial thing. Moreover, it affects the pH cells and tissues, balances the cells’ strength (power) and increases the amount of CO2 which helps in the process of oxygenation. All in all, Natrium bicarbonate is a powerful medicinal tool and everyone can benefit from it.

Oral health and solution for dental and gum plaque
Sodium bicarbonate is an often toothpaste and mouth washer ingredient since it has proven to be a successful way to remove plaques. In order to get an incredible paste for teeth and gums, mix sodium bicarbonate and sea salt in correlation 6:1. Blend the mixture in a blender for 30 seconds and then move it to another vessel. Soak the top of your index finger and then spread it all over your teeth and gum and spill out the surplus mixture. Rinse your mouth after 15 minutes. This is a very helpful mixture for destroying bacteria. Furthermore, if you want to whiten your teeth in a natural way, mix one mashed, ripe strawberry with half a spoon of sodium bicarbonate. Apply it to your teeth and leave it around 5 minutes. Then, wash your teeth and rinse your mouth. This method should not be practiced more than once a week because overuse can damage the teeth enamel.

Natural deodorant
If you use sodium bicarbonate as a deodorant you will easily fight off unpleasant odors without poisoning yourself with various chemicals. Mix around 0, 5 grams of sodium bicarbonate with a little bit of water, do not dissolute it, but apply it immediately on your armpits. Also, you can make a mixture from sodium bicarbonate and corn starch.

Kidney diseases
Bicarbonate is an alkaline substance which is naturally produced in the organism and it helps in the pH regulation. In people who suffer from chronic kidney diseases, which appear due to diabetes or high blood pressure, the kidneys have a difficulty removing the acids from the organism, which often leads to metabolic acidosis. In one study, British researchers gave sodium bicarbonate orally, combined with regular treatment, to patients who suffer from kidney diseases and metabolic acidosis for a period of two years. Moreover, Natrium bicarbonate lowered the rate of decline of kidney functionality for two-thirds, and only 6, 5 percent of the patients had to undergo dialysis when the study ended.

Studies have shown that the increase of bicarbonate level in the organism increases the pH of acidic tumors, without influencing the pH of blood and healthy tissues. Although this type of study has not been conducted with people, it has been proven that sodium bicarbonate makes the tumors more alkaline and prevents metastasis in animals.

Because of these studies and the fact that sodium bicarbonate is safe, renewed world doctors such as Dr Julian Whitaker, have adopted successful protocols for curing cancer as part of the nutrient and immune program for organism support in patients who suffer from these diseases.

According to Whitaker’s protocol, 12 grams of sodium bicarbonate are mixed with two cups of water, with any low- calorie sweetener (for better taste) and drunk in periods from an hour or two, three times per day. A lot of people claim that they have cured cancer with the help of sodium bicarbonate.

Dermatologic conditions
If you need a cure for insect bites, apply a paste from sodium bicarbonate and water on the bitten place of the skin. Against sunburns, put half a glass of sodium bicarbonate in the bathtub and enter in it. When you leave the bathtub, let the skin dry on its own because if you use a towel you will remove the remaining sodium bicarbonate. Also, you can make cold compresses from sodium bicarbonate and water, and apply them directly to burns. Instead of rough soaps, make a paste from sodium bicarbonate and water or sodium bicarbonate and liquid soap in correlation 3:1. You can use the paste from sodium bicarbonate and water for face and body pilling. If you have a thorn, put a spoon of sodium bicarbonate in a cup of water and soak the hurt place two times per day. The thorn will get out on its own after a couple of days.

If you cannot afford a spa treatment, you can soak your feet in warm water with sodium bicarbonate. This is one of the most efficient ways to solve problems with athlete’s foot and to reduce blisters. British researchers have discovered that adding sodium bicarbonate in the bathtub during bathing eases the itching and irritation in patients with psoriasis.

Antacid for heartburn, bad digestion and ulcers
The cheapest way to put an end to heartburn and bad digestion is to mix a spoon of sodium bicarbonate and a cup of water and drink it after an hour or two after a meal. Sodium bicarbonate has the power to neutralize the stomach pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), hiatal hernia and numerous other conditions caused by excess acid. It is important to mention that ulcers must not be chronically treated with sodium bicarbonate because it may be helpful in the beginning, but it will only worsen things later on.

Cold and flu
Dr. Volney S. Cheney stated that he had cured a lot of cold and flu cases by using sodium bicarbonate. ‘’You simply dissolve the recommended dosage of sodium bicarbonate in a glass of cold water and you drink it’’- Dr Cheney added.

The recommended dosages are:

1st day- take 6 dosages of half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in glass of cold water. Drink it in intervals from an hour or two

2nd day- take 4 dosages of half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a glass of cold water in the above mentioned intervals

3rd  – take 2 dosages of half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in a glass of cold water in the morning and at night, and after that one dosage of half a teaspoon every morning until the symptoms disappear completely.

Energy boost
Freshen up every morning by combining essential oils and sodium bicarbonate during your morning shower. Also, you can mix a cup of sodium bicarbonate, half a cup of citric acid, half a cup of corn starch, 30 drops of lavender essential oil, an orange and balm mint. Then, put the mixture in silicone molds and leave the mixture for 8 hours, and afterwards you can make yourself a refreshing scented bath.

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