How to Survive a Heart Attack if You Are Alone

How to Survive a Heart Attack if You Are Alone
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Everyone should know this method so one can be on the safe side. Evil does not choose when it comes, and according to researches in 80 percent of deaths due to heart attacks, the people were alone in the moment of the attack and were not able to help themselves.

If you feel a sharp pain in the chest which spreads in the arms and jaw you are probably experiencing a heart attack. According to doctors, you have 15 seconds to help yourself before you lose consciousness. Sometimes, the symptoms start slowly and last longer so maybe you will have the time to go to the nearest hospital or to seek help. However do not risk and try this procedure.

Immediately, start coughing strongly and without stopping. Take deep breaths before each cough. The cough must be deep and constant. Take breaths every 2 seconds and do not stop until help arrives or until the heart starts to beat normally. Deep coughing leads to more oxygen in the lungs, and the body movement during the coughing stimulates the heart and maintains blood circulation. Also, it helps in the restoring of the normal heart rhythm. Meanwhile, call for help, either through the phone or from the neighbours, but do not stop coughing while calling for help because it can save your life.

As doctors claim, people who did this, survived until help arrived and they were sent to the hospital. This method is not scientifically proven, but it is not harmful either. However, doctors state that during the first heart attack symptoms, it is for the best to seek medical help since one cannot know for sure whether the patient was able to cough so deeply to restore normal heart beat, without losing consciousness. All in all, this is a good thing to know so you can help yourself if you are alone and you are experiencing a heart attack.

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