Why You Should Reduce Belly Fat?

Why You Should Reduce Belly Fat?

You are not the only ones facing the belly fat and overweight, but it should not make you at ease, because it indicates the risk of some diseases.

Why is “beer belly” such a problem in men?

People who have a “beer belly” have greater health risk than people whose fat accrue to other parts of the body. Men are more prone to the accumulation of fat around the waist than women. The larger the stomach is, the greater the risk of the following health problems:

– Heart diseases

– Stroke

– Diabetes

– Increased level of triglycerides

– Certain types of cancer

– Lowering good cholesterol

How can you tell if you have excess belly fat?

Waist circumference is a good indicator of whether you have excess fat on the abdomen or not. If the volume is greater than 102 cm, the risk of heart disease is high. It is important not to suck your stomach in when you measure the volume. You need to be relaxed.

Is deposition of fat on the abdomen inherited?

Genes may affect the deposition of fat, but the crucial things are daily habits and lifestyle.

Does years affect belly fat occurrence?

With aging muscle tissue is being reduced, metabolism weakened and the body burns fat more slowly. If you do not reduce the amount of food you intake and if you do not increase physical activity you can end up with excess weight.

Can you get beer belly from drinking?

Constantly consuming drinks can contribute to an increased stomach volume, but beer is not the only culprit for “beer belly” occurrence. Any alcohol can increase the chances of getting “beer belly.”

It does not matter if you want to get rid of beer belly or fat from any other part of your body because the rules to losing weight are the same:

– Reduce calories intake.

– Reduce meal’s amount.

–  Replace the food you usually eat with healthier food with less calories.

– Increase physical activity, do sports, swim, walk…

Can beer belly be reduced by doing abdominal exercises?

Abdominal exercises help to strengthen the muscles. Abdominal exercises will not be enough if you want to get rid of your belly. The best way is to reduce the overall weight. Reducing abdominal fat takes a lot of effort and perseverance, but when you begin to shrink the stomach, you will feel much better.

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