The juice of this tree is a NATURAL INFUSION! Cleans the entire body, takes off the pounds and is good for the stomach.

The juice of this tree is a NATURAL INFUSION! Cleans the entire body, takes off the pounds and is good for the stomach.

The birch juice cleanses,recovers, refreshes and strengthens the body.

How to get it?

This is a refreshing drink obtained directly from the birch wood – natural juice that occurs with the awakening of the birch in spring.
The birch tree (lat. Betula pendula) through its roots naturally filteres 100 liters of water during the day and absorbs many minerals and nutrients. Its juice is collected in an interesting way: by simply drilling the bark and collecting the juice into a container or bag – water leaking from this tree is an amazing nature gift!

The juice of the birch can be obtained only once a year – in the spring and in limited quantities.

A large birch tree can give about 3 liters of juice, while the young birch trees are not recommended for extracting juice.

The pure birch juice can be used for a several days or bottled for later use.

A glass of this juice is a good way to start the day. It cleans and detoxifies the body and speeds up the metabolism and is particularly suitable for the cleaning of the liver and kidneys because it neutralizes the toxic waste materials and filters them through the urinary tract. Also, birch juice can be an ally for the people who manage the battle with excess weight.

It’s also a natural “sport drink” before and during the workout, due to the fact that it acts on the body as a natural infusion.

The benefits of birch juice don’t stop here: “birch water” can be used for washing and cleaning the skin, but health and vitality it’s important to drink pure juice.

It’s recommended to consume it twice a day per deciliter: in the morning for waking up the body and in the evening for cleaning before bedtime.

Why natural drink from the birch tree?

Because it’s 100 % natural beverage, without addition of water, with no artificial colors and an organic product that detoxifies and hydrates the body in a natural way and because is a natural source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. It’s also sugar-free – perfect for diabetics, it’s a source of protein, amino acids and enzymes, it’s rich with vitamin C and B.
Because it refreshes and invigorates, it’s excellent for athletes.

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