Ingredients For And Against Thyroid Gland

Ingredients For And Against Thyroid Gland
With the right choice of food you can help the thyroid gland when under treatment with radioactive iodine.

The purpose of iodine diet is reducing levels of iodine supplies in the body. This will increase the effectiveness of radioactive iodine. The diet lasts for two weeks and it should begin two weeks before the application of radioactive iodine. It lasts two days after application of the same.

Ingredients you should avoid:

- Iodized salt – (salty foods or additions that contain lots of salt).

- Dried and salty meat – (bacon, ham, sausages, grilled meat).

- Eggs – (the yolk)

- Dairy products – (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, butter, margarine, sour cream).

- Sea food – (fishes, oysters, squid, algae, shrimp).

- Bakery products – (bread, cookies, pastries).

- Chocolate – (pralines, liquors, cocktails).

- Multivitamin beverages – (all that contain iodine).

Ingredients you are allowed to consume:

- Fresh fruits and vegetables – (well washed, besides big amounts of broccoli and spiced with quality oil and non-iodized salt).

- Homemade bread – (without iodized salt, milk, butter, margarine, eggs).

- Vegetable oil

- Coffee and tea – (without adding milk and cream)

- Eggs – (just the whites)

- Pasta – (without eggs)

- Fresh meat

- Sugar – (honey, clear fruit juices)

- Canned fruit – (peaches, pears and pineapple)

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