Home Remedy- Natural Circulation Drops for Varicose Veins

Home Remedy- Natural Circulation Drops for Varicose Veins

100 grams of dry mangold

100 grams of yellow St. John’s wort

100 grams of thyme

100 grams of rosemary

100 grams of nettle seed

1 litre schnapps


This recipe should help a lot of people with varicose veins and it can be done at home. Furthermore, it is a fully natural way to help you if you experience problems with varicose veins. Although, the ingredients are per 100 grams, they can also be a handful.

We pour schnapps in a glass bowl and we add the above listed ingredients. The mixture is left like that for 15 days, closed and kept in a dark place. After 15 days, it is strained and used in the form of drops. This mixture could not harm you in anyway and you can drink it when needed or 10 drops two times a day.
In the beginning the schnapps has a pale yellow colour, and when it is ready it will get a beautiful brown colour. I have done it and tried it, so I recommend you try it too.

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