5 Factors Which Increase The Risk Of Getting Breast Cancer

5 Factors Which Increase The Risk Of Getting Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the commonest type of cancer in woman. If treated in its early stage, the patient will most likely survive.

Breast cancer is associated with a range of factors, but we can act on the following five.

 1. Physical inactivity

Physical activity significantly affects our body because it acts anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system and reduces the level of insulin in the body. Therefore our body fights independently against any potential diseases, including breast cancer.

 2. Bad food associated habits

Numerous studies have confirmed that red meat and sugar encourage cancerous cells’ development. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can also increase the risk of breast cancer because it affects on stronger and faster estrogen production.

On the other hand, vegetable has quite the opposite effect. Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and kale act anti-inflammatory and balance estrogen in the body. A similar effect has tomato, spinach, lettuce and carrots.

3. Obesity

According to World’s organization for fighting against breast cancer, obesity increases the risk of getting breast cancer up to 60%. Mainly, fat cells stimulate estrogen’s secretion thus increase tumor development.

4. Genetics

Women, who carry particular mutation in BRCA1 and BRCA2, have significantly increased risk for breast cancer.

5. Family history

If someone in your family (mother, sister, grandmother) has been diagnosed with breast cancer, your chances of infection with this disease are twice larger even if you are not carrier of the above mentioned genes.

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