This Big Regeneration Elixir Will Bring You Back The Beauty, Strength and Health - Recipe!


Getting old is a continuous process of wasting of the organism that starts in the cells. The ability of the cells to multiply in identical cells is written in our genes and is possible for a period of time. We can compare this to phone cards that have a number of impulses.

The evident signs on the outside are: the wrinkles around the eyes and on other parts on the face, the loss of volume (the under skin tissue) and muscle atrophy, slouch, less volume of the hair and no shine, hanged skin of the face and body, fatness – and when you have more weight than normal you look older, if you are older it’s harder to lose weight because of the low metabolism, bad teeth – even though they aren’t always a sign of getting old, dry and shrunken hands, varicose veins and cellulite.

These are all signs on the outside that ruin our self confidence (and put some people in the plastic surgery room). But, it is not such a big problem (that awaits all of us), as much as the development of the inner changes, weaknesses and illnesses that come along with the ageing.

We aren’t always aware how some occurrences like muscle and joint pain show first signs of ageing. Ageing is tightly connected to the oxidation process, which is the same one that makes the iron to rust, the silver to get dark, and the fire to burn. It is about a process of releasing chemical forces in the oxygen that we inhale or take from food.

The fact is, the oxygen we input in our organism from the food or by breathing is not all spent, so the rest of it which is not used, is I form of free radicals and steals the electrons from our cells to be paired. It is commonly known that our organism spends more oxygen in every inflammation process, in every spiritual or physical tiredness and the result is the creation of free radicals. This hyper production of free radicals is caused by other impacts like stress, smoking, alcohol, eating fried food, pollution, rendgen or radioactive radiance.

At some people ageing is faster and more obvious, and at other it is slower. Many of us would want the ageing to not exist, which is not possible, but it is possible to make it slower and live quality and healthy life, because no matter the age, the health is always the most important.

Healthy life style, physical activity psychological and spiritual balance influence the spending of the youth “impulses”.

A Chinese proverb says: “A man gets old just like he was living his life”.

If the signs of ageing are bothering you, or some illnesses, we present you the miraculously curing recipe that can bring the youth back and improve the health. This elixir is contained of 5 powerful and proven ingredients that can stop, cure and lower many illnesses and pains.


• 4 kg of celery
• 400 g of honey
• 400 g of garlic
• 8 whole lemons
• 400 g of horseradish

Put the mixture in a glassy jar and keep it 12hours in a warm place on 30 Celsius degrees, and then 3 days on a cold place.

After the three days pass, filter the juice, put it in a glassy jar and keep it in the fridge.

Drink one table spoon of the juice every day, three times a day, 15 minutes before the meals.

It is very important that the ingredients you put in it are ecological.

Why this works?

The celery is rich with silica, which is very important for beautiful skin. The silica strengthens the skin and makes the nails and hair more vital. With the silica, there is the 15% of vitamin C that fights against free radicals that disturb the metabolic processes and cause faster ageing. The potassium and sodium from the celery control the water level and help in excreting the excessive water, which helps against cellulite and eye bags. The coumarin in the celery protects the cells and stops their mutation that can lead to tumor.

The honey is a miraculous regenerating food that should be first on our list of sweets. The antioxidant effect of the honey is the same as the one from the fruit and vegetables. The darker types have a better curing effect and the best are the honeys form buckwheat and manuka. The honey contains over 180 different minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins and aromas. This unique combination makes it so powerful.

The garlic lowers the risk of many common illnesses, contains fibers, nutrients and vitamins S, C, E and B – complex. It lowers the risk of cancer, especially on the urine bladder and prostate. People that consume garlic regularly have 60 % of less chance of stomach cancer. It lowers the risk of heart diseases, lowers the bad and encourages the good cholesterol, enlarges the number of antioxidants in the blood that influence the arteries. It also improves the immune system and works great against flu and cold.

The lemon is the most favorite cure for many people. Its uses are really countless. It works against cancer and anti oxidative, stops obstipation,  diabetes, hypertension, makes the skin look younger, cleans the liver and eliminates toxins. It eliminates the kidney stones by forming urine citrates. It works diuretically and it is good in the rheumatism and arthritiss treatment, helps the people with asthma. Because of the vitamin c it is extraordinary curable for the respiratory organs. Because of the potassium, it helps for problems with the heart, sickness. It has anti stress effect.

Horseradish is responsible for living longer. Whether you have respiratory problems or urine problems, the horseradish can help you getting your life back. Every part of the horseradish has therapeutic values.

It contains anti cancer pairs of glucosinolates that improve the ability of the liver to detoxify and lower the tumor growth. It also makes the organism persistent to pollution. Glucosinolates is contained among the brassicaceae, one of the most curable ingredients against cancer. Thanks to the antibiotic effect it is used for cystitis, bronchitis, cough, stops toxin deposit in the bladder. Clean lungs and sinuses for which is recommended his every day consummation if you have those problems. It contains glycoside sinigirin which releases us from excessive water.

Let his elixir be your every day friend through the years to come.

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