Studies Show Fake Honey Is Everywhere - Here Are 10 Tricks To Tell If Your Honey Is Truly Natural


You need a detailed and expert analysis to confirm that honey is honey is completely natural and to list all its ingredients. But only if you want to know if you bought the right one honey and that is really natural, a few tricks for testing will be enough for you.

1. Read the contents

This is the first step that will help you find the right ingredients in order to choose good honey which contains no additives. The producer must appoint the contents and their percentage by a certain amount.

 2. Natural honey is not sticky
A good test would be if you take a little honey and rub it between your fingers. Real honey is easily absorbed into the skin. If it remains sticky, It means that It contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

3. Caramelizing

Put a few teaspoons of honey into a bowl and heat it to a high temperature in a microwave. Real honey gets caramelized, while the false becomes foamy and full of bubbles.

 4. Paper

Put a few drops of honey on paper. If the honey does not break the paper after some time, it is a natural one. Otherwise, one that contains water in its composition will break the paper just a few seconds.

 5. The trick with bees

Ants pass by real honey, produced by bees. Try this and put some honey in a corner. If ants do not touch it, it means that your honey is natural.

 6. Water with honey

This is the easiest indicator of the correct composition of honey. Pure honey, when put in water, makes lumps and falls to the bottom of the cup, while the false one melts.

 7. Tingling in the month

Pure natural honey causes tingling and mild inflammation of the tongue, while the false has no effect on the palate.

 8. Honey on Bread

Put some honey on a piece of bread. If bread becomes hard, honey is completely natural. If it only dampens the surface of the piece of bread, it is false, because of the large amount of water in its composition.

 9. Egg yolks

Mix one egg yolk with a little honey. If honey is natural, the yolk will look like cooked.

 10. Crystallization

Pure honey crystallizes with time, while the other honey, even after a long period, keeps its liquid composition in the form of syrup.

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