Natural Cures From Aloe Vera Against Cysts

Aloe Vera
Cysts are a common problem among people, and that is why the search for natural cures against cysts is a common thing. A lot of us seek help in the natural cures which have the ability to cure cysts. The cysts appear on different body parts, and, they appear more frequently in women than in men. Medicinal methods for curing and removal of cysts are often times invasive and painful which is just another burden since the cysts usually reappears after the medicinal treatment.

Precisely for this reason, we decided to share with you a natural cure against cysts which is not at all difficult to make or use. The main ingredient of this natural cure is the cactus aloe vera.


You will need half a liter of rubbing (medicinal) alcohol (no matter what is the percentage is), half a kilo of homemade honey, 0, 75 liters of quality homebred wine, half a kilo of chicory coffee, 150 grams of aloe vera leaves without the spikes. You should not water the aloe, 7 days before you pick the leaves of it.

 Remove the spikes from the aloe vera and ground the leaves in a meat grinder or in a blender. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. You will need a bigger jar for this mixture, from 3 liters. Close the jar and leave it in a darker and colder place for 14 days. After those 14 days, strain it with gauze and pour it in glass jars. You should drink one spoon, an hour or two before meals, three times per day from the mixture. It is important that the stomach is empty before and after the use of the mixture so it will not mix with the food. Before you spend the first mixture, make yourself a new dosage and continue drinking it like the first one.

According to a lot of people who have tried this mixture, most of the cysts go away, especially the smaller ones in the breasts, but also those around the kidneys and female genitalia. Two dosages of the mixture are enough for a treatment.

Moreover, this mixture can be used as a preventive, since it positively affects the bettering of the overall health, so you can try and make this old, folk medicine for yourself. Children can also use it, but in smaller dosages, adapted to their ages, more precisely, their weight.

The dosage that we have mentioned first- two big spoons, is for elders which weigh around 60-70 kilograms. For a child, from 35 kilograms, a dosage of half a big spoon, three times per day is enough and so on, according to the weight, the intake is lowered.

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