Lose Up To 13 Pounds In 10 Days Using This Diet

Keeping in mind that this is a restrictive diet, you shouldn’t use it more than 14 days. Sour cream is an extremely useful food, which normalizes the activity of the digestive organs, improves the immune system, helps “shrink” and remove toxins from the body and stimulates the metabolism.

When following this diet, these foods are recommended: natural yogurt – 500 g per day, fruit – up to 300 g per day (except for grapes and melons due to large amounts of sugar they contain), meat – up to 100 g per day (fish, chicken and turkey – without skins and fat), vegetables – 300 g per day (tomato, radish, cucumber, pepper…), vegetables (greens) – up to 300 g per day (lettuce, kale, cabbage, arugula,…).

The amount of sour cream you need to eat, varies according to your preference of its taste. But, it’s important you eat at least 500 g of sour cream a day.

We’ll give you a sample.


Sour cream jelly, raspberries, a cup of green tea and a cup of pure orange juice.


A cup of hot herbal tea, a cold sour cream soup and cucumbers cut into thin rings, 100 g cooked meat, cucumber salad, tomatoes and herbs, sour cream if desired, a glass of warm lemonade (without sugar).

Afternoon Snack

Tomatoes with sour cream. Add a little mustard to the sour cream, and a little salt. Put the ingredients in a blender and mix them briefly.


A cup of hot herbal tea, green beans steamed with sour cream, a glass of warm lemonade (without sugar).

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