Get Rid Of Kidney Stones Forever With This Natural Remedy


Nowadays, more and more people suffer from sand or stones in the kidneys, or gall bladder. This issue is often caused by food and water.

We here offer you a proven popular recipe for melting kidney stones from your body, instead of using heavy methods of conventional medicine.


• 250 g of honey
• 250 g parsley root
• 250 ml extra virgin olive oil,
• 200 g millet,
• 250 g of lemon with peel


Begin with washing the lemon well and cleaning it of chemicals, if sprayed. After that, cut it into pieces and blend it in a blender. Do the same with the parsley root. Mix them good and then add the millet, honey and olive oil. Mix the ingredients until you form a complete combination.

The mixture should be kept in the fridge at all times.  It is especially designed and tested for the purpose of dissolving kidney stones and is very effective.

So, in case of kidney and gall bladder stones, one is strongly advised to take one tablespoon of the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before sleeping. It is important to note that while using the therapy, large quantities of water should be consumed.

The procedure in which one can succeed to resolve most problems with sand or stones in the kidneys and bile requires two above measures.

Spread the word about this recipe among friends and acquaintances, so that more people become aware of this remedy.

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