These Are The Symptoms Of Fatty Liver And Here Is How To Heal It

These Are The Symptoms Of Fatty Liver And Here Is How To Heal It
One of the commonest liver diseases is steatosis, or better known as fatty liver. Increased amount of fat deposits may cause some big complications, as well as liver’s failure.

Liver’s steoasis – fatty liver

Liver cleanses blood, maintains blood’s glucose level, dissolves fats, creates enzymes and keep vitamins, minerals and glycogen. No other vital organ in our body could replace the liver and do its work.

Increased blood pressure, bloating, fatigue or high cholesterol levels are some indicators which tells us two things: liver’s overload and fats’ disturbed metabolism.

Minimal amount of fat deposits will not cause any complications. On the other hand, if fats create 5-10% of your liver’s weight, it means you are dealing with steoasis (fatty liver). This health condition might occur as a consequence of alcoholism. But, not always this disease is linked to alcohol.

Fatty liver symptoms

This disease is also called “silent disease” because its symptoms are almost unnoticeable, especially in the early phase. Several years, or maybe even decades need to pass in order for this disease to evolve in its next phase. If it evolves, you might feel untypical signs such as nausea, weakness, appetite loss, confusion or concentration problems.

Besides this, you may also feel pains in the central or upper stomach area, dark spots on the skin or lower arms and liver enlargement.

In alcoholics, these symptoms worsen because of continuous alcohol intake. Fatty liver can be retrieved or prevent from happening in non-alcoholic people.

How to treat this health condition?

There is not cure for fatty liver yet. But regulation or treatment for any hidden or primary example of disruption of liver function, such as diabetes, is essential.

If alcoholics happen to catch this disease, the most important thing they need to do is quit drinking alcohol immediately.

People suffering from this disease must change their diet because only proper diet could make changes.

Obese people can decrease the amount of fats in the liver and improve liver’s function if they lose weight moderately.

Regular exercise, proper diet and physical activity can also help you to improve this health state you are in.

What kind of diet you should practice?

Besides decreasing the calorie intake, you should also decrease intake of any kind of processed foods which contain carbohydrates such as white bread, potato, pasta, concentrated sugar, corn and trans fats.

What does oily liver proper diet mean?

Mandatory reduction of fat intake, especially saturated fats such as margarine, butter, cream and meals prepared on steam, grilled or cooked in water with a small amount of olive oil.

Also very effective measure for withdrawal or slowdown of this disease is avoiding unnecessary pills. Stick yourselves to natural ingredient because even the ordinary minerals and vitamins can cause health problems.

In addition we will present to you teas which are great for liver treatment.

Dandelion tea

Ingredients needed:

• 2 tablespoons of chopped dandelion root
• 2 dl of water

Method of preparation:

Pour the water over the chopped dandelion root, cover it with lid and let it stand still for 20 minutes. After that, strain it and drink it.

Drink this tea in the morning and in the evening.

Tea that helps treating cirrhosis
Ingredients needed:

• 20 grams of yarrow
• 20 grams of clover
• 20 grams of nettle
• 20 grams of calendula
• 20 grams of hops
• 20 grams of corn silk
• 2,5 dl of water

Method of preparation:

Make a mixture using all of the above mentioned ingredients. Take one tablespoon of the mixture and pour the water over it. Leave the mixture standing still for several minutes. Strain the tea and drink it without any sweeteners.

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