Strengthen The Immune System With Anti-Viral Bomb

During autumn and winter the body is subjected to various types of viruses and colds. But there is a natural remedy that can successfully protect you from those.

Ingredients needed:

1 large lemon
200 grams of Honey
1 ginger

Method of preparation:

First peel the ginger. Then chop the lemon and ginger into small pieces and put them in a blender. Add the honey in and mix. Place the mixture in a glass jar and close the lid. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator.

Adults can consume one tablespoon per day and children one teaspoon per day. Also, you can put this medicine in tea and other hot drinks.

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, it contains organic acids, increases immunity and is recommended for colds, while ginger stimulates the secretion of mucus and thereby cough is facilitated and sore throat pain is reduced or gone. Ginger has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-toxic properties. It is used to prevent the flu and colds.

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