Rick Simpson Cured 5000 People from Cancer - This is the Recipe Which Kills all Types of Cancer for 90 Days

Rick Simpson Oil

As soon as he heard that there is a seminar for legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, Rick Simpson, one of the biggest fighters for this idea in the world and the man who cured more than 5000 people with cannabis oil, came to the capital of Serbia.

Almost in unison, the foreign guests of the Beograd seminar for legalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes, confirmed that Broz was one of the those powerful people who had the task, in the name of the pharmaceutical mafia, to forbid this type of use of cannabis- a plant which according to Rick, has been proved to cure the most serious forms of cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, asthma, psoriasis, etc.

I always say to people: “Cannabis will either heal you or you will find out that this is the best medicine which exists in the world now”- Rick begins the story for Telegraph. He is a self taught doctor.  He is a mechanical engineer by profession who tried the miraculous cure on himself after he was diagnosed with the most serious form of cancer- skin cancer, twelve years ago.

“It was in 2002. The doctors had given up on me since there were several unsuccessful operations of three pigmented lesions on my face. Whenever they removed them, they would reappear even more infected! Since I studied plants for years as a hobby, one morning, while looking at the wounds on the face in the mirror, I recalled a study conducted by the University in Virginia which stated that THC, the active ingredient of cannabis cures cancer. I took the previously prepared oil from cannabis from the cabin and applied few drops directly on the wounds.”- remembers Rick.

According to his own testimony, he did not felt that anything epochal occurred. He put the bandages over the wounds with cannabis oil and waited few days.

“After a few days I removed the bandages and I could not believe what I was seeing. There were no wounds anymore, and the skin wish pinkish as babies’ skin! That same moment, I started telling people that I had cured skin cancer with cannabis oil. Everyone laughed, but 11 and half years passed by, and the cancer did not return”- explains Rick with a smile on his face.

Among thousands of incredible stories about people who he had cured, Rick points out the last case of a 80 year old man who was practically on his dying bed due to lung cancer.

“The man was all swollen from the chemotherapies, with open wounds on the legs and he was barely breathing! After the prognosis of the doctors that he had only 48 hours left, his son brought him to me. Since I recommended him to start a therapy with cannabis oil, the young man went to see his father’s doctor.  Normally, the doctor refused to heal his patient in that way.  Eventually, the son took the oil from me, soaked some cracker in it and gave it to his father” – says Rick.

In half an hour, in front of the shocked family which was gathered around the old man’s bed to say their last goodbyes, the old man started to breathe normally and during the night his condition was fully stabilized.

“The doctors quickly “explained” that before death, the vital functions can return. However, the same morning, the son took his father from the hospital and forbade him to take all 24 prescribed medications! After a six months therapy with cannabis oil he needed no more insulin, and after three months he was completely cured from cancer!”- says Rick, and also points out that there is no age limit for cannabis oil consumption and that even babies can be given cannabis oil.

Due to the fact that Rick needed material for the cure, he started growing cannabis. The police invaded his property even 4 times in three years and he even stated that, in North America, those who publically claim that they can cure cancer can be sentenced from 5 to 40 years in prison!

Simpson spend only 4 days in prison, but he only felt calmer after the trial in 2005 in Canada, in which he had been sentenced with growing, possession and selling cannabis.

He “got away” with a 2000 dollars fine, although he was threatened with 12 years in prison!

“The worst of all was the fact that the jury was consisted of people whose closest ones I had cured with cannabis oil. Even the judge knew that it was all a farce! In one moment, he even said that instead of sentencing me, they should reward me! They all knew, but no one could do anything! What’s more, they did not let the ten witnesses, whom I had cured from cancer, to say their statements. Also, they did not let the doctors to say their statements neither; moreover, the court did not allow me to put forward the pile of medical documents which I had, about the positive effects of the cannabis oil. “

“If you do not know what a “coward court” means, go to Canada, and everything will be clear to you.”- says Simpson, and adds that North America, as opposed to Europe, is totally brainwashed when it comes to legalization of cannabis.

Rick says that he has never sold a gram of marihuana. Disappointed from the Government and the corrupted doctors, he shared everything with the sick people, and even published the recipe for cannabis oil on his website www.phoenixtears.ca.

Pointing out that making cannabis oil is easier and quicker than making coffee; Rick adds that there are numerous fake oils which different thieves sell under the parole that the oil is theirs.

Simpson’s treatment, however, includes beginning dosages from several drops three times per day. “The usual dosage which I recommend for cancer is 60 grams in 90 days. However, it is never late for a patient to start with cannabis oil therapy. There are no excuses from the type “It is late”. If you ask me about smoking marihuana, I will tell you that it is not as efficient as cannabis oil, but it has been scientifically proven that people who smoke marihuana live six years longer that those who do not”- claims Simpson and adds that all governments should allow their citizens to grow cannabis and use it for medicinal purposes, as well as opening pharmacies in which, those who cannot grow cannabis, can purchase the oil.

“Few people know that cannabis had been used for hundreds of years before Jesus Christ as one of the most healing compounds ever. Furthermore, in ancient Persian religious writings, in which, among other things, other most healing plants are written, the first place belongs to cannabis.” –Rick ends his story and says that the biggest reward for him will be to see the world without cancer.

“People have the right to cannabis, a free medicine given from nature, which medicinal gangsters took away from us for mere greed!”

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