Nature’s Miracle! This Oil, Similar To Breast Milk, Treats Numerous Diseases!

Nature’s Miracle! This Oil, Similar To Breast Milk, Treats Numerous Diseases!
We are talking about coconut oil. The base component of coconut oil is lauric acid, which has very strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. It also protects against many diseases. Another source of lauric acid is breast milk, and it is known that milk builds infant’s immune system.

Another great coconut oil ingredient is caprylic acid. This acid stimulates the development of the good bacteria. Caprylic acid positively effects on the treatment of Candida as well as in the destruction of parasites found in the digestive system.

Coconut oil possesses an abundance of nutrients and that is why it should be present in every household.

In addition we will present several advices on how to use coconut oil in everyday life:

1. Body lotion

After showering, apply a little bit coconut oil on moist skin or add a small amount of it in your favorite body lotion.

2. As a treatment for dry and cracked feet

Mix coconut oil with sea salt and rub the resulting mixture onto the rough heel skin. You can also apply coconut oil on your feet before bedtime in order to improve rough skin’s state. Just remember to put on wool socks for gaining better results.

3. Tool for makeup removal

Apply coconut oil throughout your face and gently wipe it using cloth afterwards. Repeat the procedure if needed.

4. Against stretch marks

Apply coconut oil onto the parts of the body affected by stretch marks. Do this several times a day.

5. Body peeling

Mix coconut oil with sea salt or sugar and massage the entire body once a day.

6. Hair mask

Apply coconut oil onto your hair and let it act for half an hour. If you want to gain even better results, let the coconut oil act throughout the night.

7. Sunburns

Treat sunburns, or other mild burns, with coconut oil. Apply this miraculous oil onto the affected areas several times a day.

8. Highlighter

After applying foundation and blush, apply a thin layer of coconut oil on the cheekbones in order to get special natural looking shine.

Additional information: Coconut oil is resistant to high temperatures. So, feel free to use it for frying food.

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