Miraculous Recipe:This Two Ingredient Recipe Treats Cancer!

Recipe Treats Cancer!
Johanna Budwig is a doctor who claims that daily consumption of two components, in a period of 6 months, can destroy cancer.

She believes that cancer can be defeated only by natural means, such as her recipe for which she claims to have successfully treated cancer. As Joanna Budwig pointed – the effectiveness of these ingredients is gained only when taken in combination, and not separately.

This way lipoproteins and phosphates are creates, which are of great significance. When lipoproteins and phosphates are present, the tumor cannot be increased, but rather starts to decline, claims Dr. Budwig.

Thanks to her recipe many patients successfully treated cancer.

Ingredients needed:

- 120 grams of cottage cheese

- 45 grams of flaxseed

Mix the two ingredients until you get thick homogeneous mixture. Drink all of the resulting mixture at once.

This remedy should be consumed on a daily basis until you overcome cancer.

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