Learn How To Melt Ovarian And Kidneys Cysts Naturally

Green drink - Learn How To Melt Ovarian And Kidneys Cysts Naturally
The beverage we are about to present has helped many people strengthen their immune system after suffering from serious disease.

The miracle beverage’s secret

The healing green beverage made of sprouts and common wheat leaves is completely natural. It does not contain chemical additives, artificial colors, unhealthy sugars or preservatives. The secret is in the common wheat leaf’s healing properties, (particularly in its chlorophyll). These properties have the ability to enrich the blood with oxygen and prevent cancerous cells from reproducing. Doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for separating these healing properties from the leaf and using them to destroy tumors.

This miraculous healing beverage contains more than 300 enzymes. Among those 300 enzymes, there are some rare ones which humans possess after they are born, but they disappear as life progresses due to an unhealthy diet, stress and toxins. By consuming this juice, you will be able to regain these lost enzymes, which will help you strengthen your entire immune system. Common wheat also contains vitamin B17 which destroys cancer cells. It is best when wheat has grown about six inches and you will gain this juice’s healing properties if you consume it either freshly prepared or frozen.

The best thing to do is freeze the juice in an ice cube container once you have prepared it. Every morning, put a few ice juice cubes in a glass of water. Make sure you drink the beverage right away after the juice cubes have melted because the healing properties will be lost within an hour. If you consume this juice on a daily basis for one whole month, you will significantly improve your overall health.

English doctor Anne Vigmor was the first one to prepare and consume this beverage more than half a century ago. Thanks to this drink, she was able to treat colon cancer and live a long life. Anne wrote lots of books about healthy living, treating cancer using fresh food and using this amazing wheat. This juice can be prepared by anyone because it does not require any special skills.

Melting ovarian and kidney cysts using juice

1. Mash young, green common wheat leaves and squeeze their juice.
2. Place the resulting juice in an ice cube mold and place the mold in the freezer. Prepare 72 ice cubes in order to have one cube for each day.
3. Put one ice juice cube in a glass of water and drink once the cube is melted. Do this in the mornings.

The common wheat leaf is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. As a result, this amazingly healthy juice is great for improving organ health.

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