Consume 30 Grams Of Coconut Oil On A Daily Basis – Here Is What Is Going To Happen!

Consume 30 Grams Of Coconut Oil On A Daily Basis – Here Is What Is Going To Happen!
Coconut oil is considered as an exotic food in many countries and is mostly consumed by people for whom healthy diet is very important part of their lives.

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest and most useful ingredients. It contains unique combination of fatty acids that possesses strong healing properties called medium-chain fatty triglycerides. Most of fatty acids’ triglycerides are considered as a long-chain, but, coconut oil metabolizes differently. These triglycerides go from the liver to the digestive system, where are used as a quick source of energy.

People of the South Pacific have good overall health and a very small percentage of heart disease compared to the rest of the world, and it is due to use of coconut.

Useful properties gained from consuming 30 grams of coconut oil:

Great source of lauric acid

- Lauric acid is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria and fungi and it helps in the fight against different types of diseases. When the oil is digested, in the body is created monoglycerides known as monolarin. Both lauric acid and monolaurin assist in the process of destruction of harmful pathogens.

Improves digestion process

- People who suffer from digestive problems should add coconut oil in their daily diet. It will help with digestive tract related problems, intestinal problems and stomach problems. Fatty acids contain antimicrobial properties that soothe bacteria, Candida and other parasites that cause bad digestion.

Help in controlling body weight

- Coconut helps in losing excess weight, especially in the abdomen. It is easily digested and protects the body from insulin resistance.

Help in controlling diabetes type 2

- Recent studies have shown that coconut oil helps protecting against insulin resistance and thus reduces the risk of diabetes type 2.

Help in reducing appetite

- One of the best coconut oil properties is that it can reduce feelings of hunger. It is related to the way in which fatty acids are metabolized – ketone, which acts to reduce appetite, is generated during consumption of coconut oil.

Cooking on high temperatures

- Due to middle-chain fatty acids, coconut oil has higher temperature limit than most oils. Olive oil oxidizes once it reaches boiling point, and creates free radicals, unlike coconut oil.

Slow both aging and the process of wrinkle occurrence

- Coconut oil is great for skin care. It helps maintaining connective tissues strong and it prevents wrinkles and other skin problems. Use it on a daily basis for your skin to be smooth and shiny. It will also ease wrinkles and prevent the emergence of new ones.

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