Breast Cysts – Natural Treatment

Breast Cysts – Natural Treatment
Cystic breast is a disease that is afflicting many women, especially middle aged women or the ones who are about to get into menopause or are in menopause. Although most breast cysts are benign, they can often be painful and not pleasant. This phenomenon is more common, and experts link it with the fast and stressful lifestyle. Women who have problems with cysts must avoid alcohol, drinks with caffeine, get enough vitamins (especially vitamin D) and consume a lot of cabbage and broccoli. Since breast cysts are not dangerous, most doctors do not recommend their removal. So, many women treat them with natural herbs and alternative medicine.

Natural recipes

Mixed tea

Mix equal parts of menthe, marigold, yarrow, mistletoe and elderberry. Prepare a tea using the herb mix as you usually do. These plants positively affect immunity, prevent tumor growth and reduce inflammation. According to some people’s experiences, you can also add tansy in the herb mixture. Tansy is herb that treats female diseases. This tea’s treatment is very slow but twice as efficient. You should drink one liter of the tea on a daily basis for six months. Besides that, you should also eat healthy (easily digestible food) and avoid both alcohol and dairy products.

Sempervivum (houseleek)

Houseleek is miracle plant that treats lots of diseases. This mix is recommended for treating breast cysts, but it also helps for treating ovarian and kidney cysts.

Wash well 300 grams of houseleek leaves are mix them in a blender. Put 300 grams of natural honey in the blender as well and place the resulting mixture in a glass jar. Let the mixture stand still in the refrigerator for 7 days and remember to occasionally stir it. After 7 days, take one tablespoon of the remedy three times a day. The first spoonful should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, the second one between meals, and the third, last one, before bedtime. This treatment lasts few weeks, and many women who consumed it claim that this medication has helped them to solve cysts-related health problems.

Wheat juice

Grind young green grain leaves and strain the juice. Put the juice in ice cube molds and freeze it. Each day take one cube and put it in a glass of water. Once it is melted, drink the water. It is best to drink this remedy in the morning. This remedy should be consumed for 72 days, which means you will need 72 ice cubes. This medicine melts cysts due to its large number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Cream for breasts

Breast cream is made of marigold, lavender, cypress, rose, propolis and a little bit of cilantro or mint. All ingredients should be in equal parts, mixed in a blender. If you are allergic to propolis, you can leave it out. Massages both breast on a daily basis, using this cream. Massage from the bottom of the breast up to the armpit. This way breasts are cleaned of toxins.

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